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Things To Do

We want you to have the best trip, so, we've made a sample day itinerary, to make your visit as stress-free as possible. Here's how we'd recommend a day trip to Marquette. Stay longer to really dig in!

Start off at Kanopolis State Park. There you can hike, boat, kayak, swim, fish, and more! When you get to feeling hungry - head to Downtown Marquette to explore and grab some grub. Dessert (for those of you 21+), try out some bourbon and vodka at the Smoky Valley Distillery. Don't forget to take the official tour too. Now, let's get some more fresh air trying out the Quivira 18-Hole Disc Golf Course. Pro Tip: If you need to buy discs, Sundries has them in stock. End your day replenishing those lost calories with some homemade sweet treats at City Sundries.

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