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Stepping Back & Moving Forward

While many small towns have fallen victim to time, Marquette, KS has been thriving in the past and present simultaneously. 

A community of 800 (and growing) Marquette was founded by Harrison S. Bacon in 1874 based on its excellent farm ground, proximity to the Smoky Hill River, and central location - between three hubs Salina, McPherson, and Hutchinson. 

Despite natural disasters - Dust Bowl Days, fires, and the 1905 tornado - Marquette has retained its historical charm with the Opera Block downtown and many historical homes, right alongside a variety of new homes in the free land section of town.

Marquette is known as the little town that could. In recent years, the town has been growing in population and as a destination - thanks to the

innovative thinking of its townspeople. Marquette boasts a state-of-the-art childcare center and two options for public school education - Smoky Valley and Little River - both of which send buses to Marquette to pick up students. 

We boast a thriving downtown, one of the most challenging and popular disc golf courses in the state, two museums (one for motorcycles and one historical), large community events, a strong recreation department serving both adults and youth, a walking trail, fine arts center, and active, community churches. 

But let's be honest, what's important about Marquette is the people. Our people founded this town and continue to innovate to make it a great place to visit and live.


What our neighbors would want to tell you is: 

- If you want to live here, better buy a golf cart

- If you want to visit, stop by and say hello 

Thank you to our Chamber Volunteers & Supporters

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